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The Changing Ecosystem for Financial Institutions: Meeting the Challenge

The Banking on the Future Summit is the premier industry forum for learning and exploring the next steps in strategic financial service development for the West Indies and the Caricom communities.

Acclaimed by attendees since 2005 as an outstanding event with World Class content, the Banking on the Future Summit 2012 provides an exceptional experience for members of, and vendors to, the financial community to gain new insight and knowledge of major issues. It also provides the opportunity for participants to interact with experienced practitioners and thought leaders on a personal level.

The 2012 Summit will focus case studies and experiences as told by experts and practitioners – with a truly global perspective. We will be providing stories of industry leading accomplishments within a Caribbean context that provide an example from which others may learn.  

Planned content for the 2012 event will be:

• Social Media — what impact can the emergence of tools like Twitter, Facebook and others have on banks and their client interactions? Do you really understand their power and impact? It is greater than you think! What strategies will be effective to respond and capitalize on these trends? 

• e-payments and new payment infrastructures — as the use of digital and electronic tools continue to gain prominence in the world of payments, applications in mobile banking and other non-traditional channels will undoubtedly be of interest. What are the key issues and more importantly, what are the effective responses? 

• New players and competitors — the world of financial services is broadening and creating opportunities for many new providers or new services from traditional players. Who and what are these possible entities? Are they to be seen as threats or as positive contributors to an expanding global marketplace?

• Getting a grip on Risk — expanding global economic instability, combined with the increasing need for vigilance and action against fraud and other risks on the local front, has increased the need to better understand and respond to a wide variety of threats. The implications to the banking industry demand clear rational thinking sooner than later. Key thought leaders will participate in bringing forward pragmatic approaches and solution ideas

The 2012 Summit is designed to provide a learning based agenda which acts as a value-add to the executive mindset and educational needs – with high impact content and time efficient, well managed learning.

The 2012 Summit will be returning to Port of Spain, T & T, where the journey will begin June 14, 2012 for a 2 day programme. The entire programme will be constructed of World Class expert insight, facilitation, collaboration, and accomplishments – building on one another to achieve a meaningful impact and learning outcome.  


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